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The 411 On C.H. Mason's Work

This post was inspired by a conversation I (C.H. Mason) had one night on a conference call with BayKilla Tha GhettoSoul, the musician, blogger, reader, communicator, occasional writer, and traveller in our fold, and Steve Kapeni, the guy whose role on this site is better left to be defined by the man himself when he finally makes a first post. Before that I will try to describe his role in bits and pieces, but nothing much of that sort will be happening in this post, though. 

“Hey, what’s the 411 with your work? I noticed that you took it all down and I was looking to download Distant Realm again,” something along those lines was what BayKilla said to me as a brief diversion to our main topic of conversation when Steve Kapeni and I, were courting him to join this site because he was the last one to join it.

We (The Authors on This Site) promised to frequently put all cards on the table. In the spirit of that, I think this is as good as any moment to reveal that he (BayKilla) is the reason we took longer than we should have to bring this site to life. That ill motherfucker probably deserves to pay reparations for all his apprehension and keeping this thing we feel to be beautiful, at bay (no pun on his name intended). But he is such an apt fella, because now, he is calling this, A New Church in the World. In line with his Christian beliefs, wherever there is three, there is a church. So we are essentially a church like BayKilla keeps reminding us, even though he is the one who kept us at a halt when we were already eager to start releasing posts.

A brief history on the story he was looking to download:

The story is titled Distant Realm, my cleanest work available for sale on most eBook retailing sites.

The story was first published as Celestine, under the pseudonym Henry Haines.

BayKilla is the original writer of the story, and the creator of the pseudonym Henry Haines.

I bought the story from him. Our friendship developed over that story and was later strengthened by the transaction we made when I bought the title from him because he needed to focus on music more than writing, yet the story had the potential to be turned into a trilogy, at least. I have the time to do that, but he has more time for music than writing. So that’s how the transaction came to be.

When I took the story and the pseudonym and turned the story into Distant Realm and published it under the name C.H. Mason, I didn’t do much but edit the story.

Steve Kapeni likes the story as much as BayKilla and I do, and he feels there is more that can still be done to it. He convinced us both, so we are now looking to work on it again and see if there are any improvements that are required.

BayKilla and I call it our story now, and if Steve thinks that there is more that can be done do it, he will, at the end of the editing process, be able to call it his story, too, and since none of them (BayKilla and Steve) are interested in anything but playing the roles of editors, they are content with getting acknowledgements when the story is done, and I will take much of the credit since I will be the one doing much of the work, just like we all agreed.

BayKilla says that he uses the story as one of his biggest inspirations when writing his lyrics and composing his instrumentals.

I think the above is just about enough details I am comfortable sharing about the story. I am now waiting to hear BayKilla’s music, especially the tracks inspired by the story and I want to see how big an inspiration the story was because I will know the emotions and words that were inspired by the story when I hear them.

Back to the issue at hand:

For the rest of this post, I will provide an answer to BayKilla’s question about my work again, and continue turning that conversation into a post for our site. So thanks and fuck you BayKilla for making me write this post. It’s a love and hate relationship between the authors of this blog for now, and we like it just like that. We know that it’s all love, though, because there is no love without hate. So, again, lemme get back to the real reason I am writing this post. I digress, and hope this was the right place to say that I digress because I’ve always wanted to do that right (he he).

Sometime towards the end of August 2015, I unpublished all my stories (all the erotica and my non-erotic title, Distant Realm). I did it after going through an episode that made me feel like the erotic stories had to be conceptually clean like Distant Realm, and not contain themes of incest, cheating, and every other generally immoral theme that makes some of them (the erotica titles mostly), really depraved pieces of literature.

Although I, above, am saying that I wanted my erotica to be similar in cleanness to Distant Realm, there is a reason that work didn’t stay up on the shelves as well. There was an issue with Distant Realm as well, or rather, there were also issues with Distant Realm as well—ones which I also felt like I had to fix. The issues were some of the immoral themes that are also included in the story Distant Realm (bad language mostly). There is also a character developed with bad traits (the protagonist’s mother). I felt like I had to rewrite those parts of that mostly-clean story as well, and make it completely clean, like most verses of THE HOLY BIBLE. What’s found below will mostly explain why, so here we go.

Since I began writing, I increasingly become somewhat a perfectionist. With the passage of time, I find errors, inconsistencies, and inadequacies in my work that require to be fixed. Continuously, I fix those and I did that multiple times over the years until I reached this point—a point where I feel like I just have to go through all my work one last time, correct what needs to be corrected, and then move on to other ventures. If I am going to write more stories, so be it. If I am going to do something completely different, so be it, as well. I just know that this is the last time I am going to be editing stories that I have put on sale.

My revisions do improve my work. The way I edit my stories usually is for better ones that are more enjoyable and better than earlier editions. I have seen the evidence, and I am absolutely comfortable with being the only one who recognises it. Currently, the truth is, there isn’t much evidence of errors, inconsistencies, and inadequacies in my work that require to be fixed—the type which I talked about above, and which I probably recognise alone. But, still, I am going to edit the stories one last time because the approach that made me bring those stories to a state where I don’t see much evidence of errors, inconsistencies, and inadequacies, is the way I kept editing the stories I had already published. Again, I am probably the only one who recognises the way my stories improved with time, but that’s neither here nor there. What matters is that I am going to do it one last time—the revisions.

When I unpublished all my stories around the end of August 2015, the honest truth is that I was about to ruin what I spent years working on. I’m glad that I found my senses again before doing any detrimental editing to my stories, and none of what I initially thought of doing to the stories when I unpublished them, will be happening.

What happened when I unpublished the stories, was that I was trying to come to terms with the work I had done with the stories and BayKilla’s new-found deep religious conviction. All I can say is that emulating and imitating one of your best friends by trying to be a true Christian is hard. It was hard for me because it meant that my work was no longer appropriate when I thought about the new religion I was embracing and the person I had become. Now, I'm back to not really caring what is the truth between that way of thinking—the Christian way of thinking—and standing by what naturally appeals to me, and what I have put in some of the stories that I have self-published. I will probably burn in hell for that, but it’s better to burn for what makes me comfortable than the opposite.

BayKilla’s advice was, “My man, if this shit is not working out for you, don’t force it. Otherwise you will have hell both on Earth and in actual hell. So try to have your heaven here and when you burn in that other place, burn knowing that you burned for writing fiction that made you feel like you were accomplishing something while you were alive. Enough said. No need to keep hashing this shit out. Let’s switch the topic.” Steve Kapeni agreed with that, and it was one of the few times he doesn’t get to stretch an issue longer than it can take.

So I am done thinking about cleaning up my stories. What I do know, though, is that it’s time I share with people how some of my stories came to be, and it won’t be happening through extensively editing the stories. I will do it on this site, and this post actually is the first of many that will shed light onto my creative process and explain how some of my stories came to be.

Despite the amount of future times I will feel like cleaning up my erotica, I now know and understand that I will always come to the conclusion that some erotic fiction, especially most of what I have written, is best-served dirty. I have come up with some of the dirtiest concepts found in erotic stories. Some were original, but it doesn’t matter whether a story was original or not, from now on, most concepts I have already covered, even though they need some editing for the last time, will stay as they are. All alternative storylines will be for the website, and the title My Hot Neighbour will set the precedent for the way I am going to be editing my stories for the final time and for the future.

I see good and exhilarating times coming ahead. I don’t know what lies in other’s people’s stars. But mine have lined up pretty nicely and I am about to have a good time, again, going over my stories, prepping for the edit of Distant Realm, which I will do with two of my editor-homies, BayKilla Tha GhettoSoul and Steve Kapeni.

For now, this is all I got.

Good Morning,

From Me,

C.H. Mason

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