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Is C.H. Mason my real name or what? Part One

I already published a post inspired by a conversation I had with BayKilla Tha GhettoSoul, it’s only fair that I publish one inspired by a conversation I had with my other friend, Steve Kapeni, who is also part of this blog, even though he hasn’t yet published a post here.

Steve isn’t that good with metaphors. He knows my real name (which I will never reveal here), and before he understood why I have grown really comfortable using the name C.H. Mason, he told me that, to people who don’t know that C.H. Mason is a made-up name, the truth about my identity is like a dark cave, dark alley, or just generally a dark area. His statement came after the realisation that there were only ten people in the world I had told that I am this C.H. Mason.

I told him, “Hey Steve, I am not richer than Batman, but using him and his story as an analogy will simplify things here and help me explain things better and have a chance to be understood by you and other people who might wonder and say the same things that you have just said.”

I also told him that, “I could also try explaining myself using the help of Superman’s story because even though I do not have any abilities that Superman has, when it comes to using assumed names, our stories share a lot of similarities.”

It is for a reason that Clark Kent is known as that to people who don’t know that he is Superman. There is also a reason there are people who know Clark Kent’s secret identity as Superman. The story is the same with Batman being Bruce Wayne and many other superheroes as well. Again, I am not richer than Batman, neither am I able to do what he does in the stories, but using him and his story as an analogy, will simplify things here and help me explain things better and have a chance to be understood clearly. The same goes with any other superhero with secret superpowers that necessitates their secret identity as the superhero.

To further clarify things before we move on, I am not a superhero, and I don’t have any superpowers. C.H. Mason is an alias I created to be a writer, (now) blogger, proper boyfriend, and sometimes good friend to people who know the real me and my real name.

I will start with explaining why I created the name to be a writer and sometimes good friend to people who know the real me and my real name:

Some posts after this, including the one about My Hot Neighbour, will shed more light into what is, in Steve’s own words, a dark area, dark cave, or dark alley. Hope you will all catch up and not miss the explanations when they come.

What I mean is that this post, and a few other that will follow, will shed some light onto my preference to only be known by the name C.H. Mason in some circles, like this one. My current girlfriend doesn’t even know that I am this C.H. Mason by the way, and as already mentioned, this is the first post in a series of posts I will write, which will also explain more, and shed more light onto the question posed on the heading of this post—Is C.H. Mason my real name or what?

In the other few posts I have already talked about, I am looking forward to explaining why I created the name to be a blogger, and proper boyfriend. Enough repetition, I better just get to explaining why I created the name to be a writer and sometimes a good friend to people who know the real me and my real name.

I am naturally a very private and secretive person, and I can’t deny that part of the reason there are only ten people who know that I am this C.H. Mason, is influenced by that. I share my secrets with people who deserve to know them, so me being C.H. Mason and keeping it a secret to many people around me, including my current girlfriend, isn’t entirely about me being a private and very secretive person. There are many other reasons I do it, some of which I have already written that I will share here, but some will remain unknown, even to people who know both my real identity and the fact that I am C.H. Mason, even though they actually know more than everything I will ever reveal on this site.

On with the reason I created the persona to be a writer:

What I am is a person who has lots of free time on my hands, which I didn’t know how to use until one of my ex-girlfriends suggested, back in 2010, that I become a writer, and join the self-publishing bandwagon to stop being a trust-fund-baby who only cared about lavish parties and having a good time partying.

The girl I am talking about, wasn’t the first girl I’d ever had a deep affection to, but she was the first to return it in ways that I expected. In many ways, she loved me back and saw into my soul, so to speak. She could see through my lies. I liked that about her, and I used to torture myself over losing her. She broke my heart, though, and I am over that, though.

Time heals all wounds.

I am glad I moved on from that and am focusing on other things and another good relationship which actually promises to be bigger and better than what she and I had.

Her suggestion that I become a writer worked and helped me get here, and if she knew that I am C.H. Mason, I would thank her. She doesn’t know, though, and she will never know because she is one of the people I promised myself to never reveal my identity as C.H. Mason to, even though she is also one of the people who know that I am a writer, too.

For people who know that I am a writer, but don’t know that I am C.H. Mason, I have other pennames to take care of their curiosity when they bug me about my work. The work I do under those pennames is what I show them. I won’t comment on my plan’s cleverness. All I can say is that I like how effective it is.

Still on the girl who suggested that I become a writer:

The truth at the time she made the suggestion that I should become a writer, was that, I was already tired of the party life, even though I seemed to enjoy it a lot. Believe it or not, we both knew that, and that I truly had no other options I could seriously focus on, and it was such a shame because she also knew that the other truth about the wild and party life, was that, I was already tired of it before I even began living it.

As already said, I was also tired of that life when I was living it. I still live it, but I’m grateful for the advice my girlfriend (at the time), a writer, too, gave me after reading a letter I had written her. She said, “Baby, you are such a good writer, if only you had time to write and not party all the time, the world could enjoy some, I’m not saying all, but some of what you might have to say”. That is how the idea of me being a writer came to be, but I didn’t become one until she (that girlfriend who told me to be a writer) and I had broken up for a few years.

What happened when I finally chose to be a writer back in 2012, was that I was thinking about her a lot. She had just got married and I knew that it was too late to get her back, despite my realisation that she was, at the time, the only sensible girlfriend I’d had all my life. So I finally took her advice as some form of consolation. I could never get her again, but I still could take the best advice someone (she) had given me and use some of my time to write instead of partying all the time.

So, if you ever get to read this and figure out this web of lies, thank you so much for your advice that I could find something worthwhile in pursuing writing. I took it as consolation for losing you and it has done wonders for me, especially allowing me to meet other artists and special people who make my life a breeze these days. BayKilla and Steve, I see you. They helped me get over the heartbreak that almost killed me. I’m over that and have found someone new and special. I could say more, but that will threaten my veil of secrecy, so enough said. If you are ever going to figure this shit out, trust me, I won’t be the one to help you with that. All the help I can be is what I have written above, and will also write in future posts, as already said.

Now, onto why I created the C.H. Mason persona to be a good friend to people who know the real me and my real name.

Criticism improves writing skills. (I wish I could hear novice writers saying Amen here).

When people like you, it’s hard for them to point out your weaknesses because most people, at least those who exist in my circles, are courteous, and take precaution when giving advice and opinions. They are too nice. Too nice to tell me that my writing is bad when it is. So when I give them the work with an author name they are not familiar with, they tend to be more honest.

I do that a lot, and it has helped me a lot. I can take one or two nasty criticisms without creating an acrimonious atmosphere. So at the end of the day, I get to maintain my associations with the added benefit of helpful advice that turns me into a better writer without my critics knowing and worrying about hurting their friend’s feelings by saying that he is not such a good writer. Now, isn’t that being a good friend?

I could say more, but the above, just about covers enough reasons to justify why I think keeping my identity as C.H. Mason hidden from my friends and other people I associate with, isn’t ill-advised.

I promise to dig a little deeper into this web of lies in forthcoming posts, but, for now, this is what I got.

Good Morning,

C.H. Mason

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