Friday, 10 January 2042

Is C.H. Mason my real name or what? The Last Part

Who the fuck in the world cares about that? I found myself asking myself that question in the middle of writing what was going to be the second post in the series Is C.H. Mason my real name or what? The post was going to fulfill a promise I made in the first post in the series, but now that promise isn’t worth anything because I ended up killing off the idea of trying to explain why I created the C.H. Mason persona to be a blogger and proper boyfriend.

Who cares?

Who cares that my girlfriend doesn’t even know that I also write as C.H. Mason. Really, who the fuck in the world cares? So this is it. I didn’t fulfill an obligation I made to myself. Who the fuck cares?

Good Morning,

From Me,

C.H. Mason

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