Sunday, 14 December 2042

Hello World...

A warm thank you and welcome to everyone who will stumble upon this post and decide to continue reading it. What you are reading here is the first post on a site that will be filled with material provided by, as of date of this post’s first publishing, three Professional-Amateurs—C.H. Mason, BayKilla Tha GhettoSoul, and Steve Kapeni.

We all intend to fully introduce ourselves and get adequately-acquainted with all who will choose to be part of this experience. I hope we will not take too long before taking care of proper introductions of this site’s original authors.

Fully aware that there are some professional bloggers out there, a few important questions about how we are going to conduct ourselves on this site, came up when we were going over the intricacies of how the three of us intend to jointly run and contribute to it.

In the end, we—the three guys who agreed to try the best we could to bring this thing to life—agreed to conduct ourselves as amateur professional bloggers.

We don’t fully know what that means, but a fair warning to all who will stumble upon this site and choose to spend time going through the material that will be posted here, the authors of this blog will not use it as a medium to be politically-correct, yet we will reserve the right to sensor other contributors and commenters when they provide material that we will not feel to be appropriate for any among the many reasons we gave ourselves the right to operate in that manner.

So, none of the authors here will go out of their way to be politically-correct for the convenience of people with mainstream opinions, especially those that are supported by the majority in most societies. But everyone who will publish a post here, will always go out of their way to remove any content we will feel to be inappropriate. That probably is an authoritarian double standard, but, all the same, that’s how we are going to roll. Please don’t expect authors on this blog to conduct themselves in any other way.

Liberal and unmitigated use of words which are deemed inappropriate and offensive by the greater part of our society while conveying, and, or, supporting similarly controversial notions, will be present on this site. Please take note of that.

Although no author on this site can claim responsibility and ownership of another author’s work, we do support the idea of maintaining this as a place to express ourselves however we see fit. We are civilized people, so we all promise to not offend any reader for immature and uncivilized reasons.

I, C.H. Mason, was the one who drafted this message, but I did not publish it until my co-authors signed off on it as well. So this will be one of the few times we will jointly sign-off on a post (in our personalized ways of signing off, which we will fully explain in due time).

C.H. Mason’s Parting Words:

Good Morning,

From Me,

C.H. Mason

BayKilla’s Parting Words:

Until Next Time,

From Me,

BayKillla Tha GhettoSoul, a.k.a. (Chronick Bay, Ghetto Soul, BayKilla, Chronick BayKills & Pills, Tha Ghetto Soul)

Steve Kapeni’s Parting Words:

I’m glad I expressed myself this way today. There is a very good chance that you are going to hear from me again. This is it for now, though.

From Me,

Steve Kapeni