Sunday, 12 October 2042

C.H. Mason Welcomes You To Art & Opinions

Hi, my name is Charles Henry ‘C.H.’ Mason. I write, and I would like to be known as a writer and chief editor of this site.

Not that any stranger, or regular friends, really cared, but I used to have a blogger ( address. Actually, I’ve had two blogger addresses, and if I remember correctly, the first blog I had was titled The Sex Journal Post. With time, I shortened the title to The Journal Post, and with that, the web address of the blog also changed. The content on both blogs was the same, though—just posts related to stories I wrote to self-publish on various eBook sites.

I mostly focused on writing erotic short stories, and the posts on those old blogs were also about erotic stories I wrote and posted on a couple of adult story sites ( and mostly.) Yeah… let me pump the brakes a little bit here. I think, in this post, what I’ve already written is just about enough words and time I would like to give to discussing the stories I once wrote. More about what became of those stories and what I’m focusing on now is going to be a topic to be covered in a future post exclusively meant for that.

The mention of my old blogs in this post, and what was mostly posted on them, was meant to enable a reference about how the first post on the last blog, mentioned that I had intentions to have a different website available in future. I called it a pipeline dream at the time. So after running its course and overcoming a few obstacles I threw in the way, this is what that website idea finally came to.

This essentially is still a blog (still published on blogger), but just one with a custom URL. Although that is the case, I will proudly say yes, when friends who are yet to find out (the only loyal readers of the last blog), ask if this site is what I am calling a result of finally going through with my plans to have a website.

So, from now on, this site will be one of the online presences I plan to devotedly maintain. I’ll be sure to keep all readers informed and tell them about all places online my work and everything else I do is found.

Good Morning,

From Me,

C.H. Mason

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